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Yoga Programme

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What is: Mindful Monkeys?

Our children's yoga session will always include the 4 main aspects: connection, yoga poses, yoga games & mindfulness. We use props, movement material, visual cards and interesting pieces of equipment to make this an exciting yoga experience for your child. It is about encouraging them to be aware of what they are doing, to use their body in mindful ways that feel good for them, all whilst getting creative and sharing the time with friends.

Our Children's Yoga Workshops are child participation only, whilst parents are encouraged to drop the children off and return at the end of the workshop. These workshops are a “celebration of yoga”, inviting the children to see yoga in a fun way with additional yoga games and mindfulness. They will take part in numerous different activities and/or stations and make their way through the journey of yoga. They will start with an introduction to get to know everyone attending and warm up games. Then continue with a structured yoga session, yoga games, a journey in the gardens practicing mindfulness and exploring, a snack and juice break, mindful colour or craft activity, and finish with a yoga party!

Our Family Yoga Workshops are exactly that - for the family. Both adults and children are welcome and here we will explore the connection, find partner poses, use and trust each other with weight and balance, and most of all have a good old giggle!

Kids Yoga Workshops

Thursday 25th August


Held at Soul Sanctuary Studios in Spetchley Park Gardens

£15 per child

Drop off & Pick up only

Come and join this Children's Yoga Workshop in collaboration with Monkeys in Motion held at Soul Sanctuary Studios on 25th August.This workshop will involve of a welcome circle, ice-breakers, an adventure based yoga session with friends, learning about meditation & how we can use our breathing, yoga crafts & of course yoga games. The children will have an active role in the session to find balances and poses that can work together with their new friends. Not only will your child leave feeling refreshed, energised and with a huge smile on their faces but also with useful tools to stay calm :)


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