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My daughter has been attending regular classes and workshops for the past few years and has really enjoyed every single visit.  The staff approach each class with real enthusiasm and this provides confidence to the children attending.  My daughter was a little bit shy when she started attending and Monkeys In Motion has definitely brought her out of her shell and made her more confident in new surroundings and situations.  Couldn't recommend the classes and workshops enough.   

Dad / Adam / Malvern Cube Class

"Monkeys in Motion, you have made Alfie such a happy little boy. He has been through a lot in his life and this is the first time he has really enjoyed himself like this. He said in his own words "It was the best week of my life." So I am so so grateful xxxxx"

Mum / Kathleen / Workshop

"Thank you so much Sophie-Jo, Evie has had the best time this week and already cant wait for the next workshops!!"

Mum / Laura / Workshop

"My two have had such a wonderful time at your Willy Wonka workshop. Thank you very very much for making drama so much fun! I've been telling lots of parents about it, and I'd love for my girls to do more performance work with you. I shall keep my eyes peeled for future holiday workshops, and will be looking into singing tuition with you for Evelyn as she loves singing so much!"

Mum / Rachel / Workshop

"Kenisha had super fun dancing all the time and I could see all kids enjoyed the party too. We had very few kids who turned up for the party but it was good fun. Sophie was very engaging and the party was a success. I knew a few mums were talking to her for booking her into their kid's parties in the future so you can see the response was quite positive :-) As for my daughter - she absolutely enjoyed it so thanks a lot."

Mum / Shweta / Birthday Party

"Thank you so much for the amazing entertainment! Both children and parents just loved you!!! It was great meeting you. Thanks a lot!! 

Mum / Angela / Birthday Party

"Thank you so much for the halloween workshop that Ruby attended! She had such an amazing time, she came out full of beans and bursting to tell us all about it! Its such a lovely feeling that we get when Ruby comes to monkeys in motion, everyone is so welcoming and we get a real warm family feeling! We would definitely be interested in other events that you may offer in the future! Thanks so much for giving her another lovely day!"

Mum / Ruby / Workshop

"Erin had a lovely time. It was well organised and all the girls were lovely. We'll be keeping our eyes peeled for more events."

Mum / Sian / Workshop

"When we were organising our daughter 5th birthday party, she made a wish... She wished for meeting Tinkerbell! Sophie-Jo made her wish come true. Tinkerbell came to the party and our daughter (as well as all her friends) loved her!! It was magical and everybody had an amazing time! THANK YOU SOPHIE-JO, you are super!!! xxx"

Mum / Angela / Birthday Party

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