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Nurseries, Pre School & Primary School

* Lesson plans are designed specifically for each age/year group
* We offer contracted or one-off sessions within primary schools and nurseries
* We offer themed workshops/lesson plans to aid learning topics
* Our session content can be Dance, Theatre or Yoga based

* Alternatively, if you think this is something your staff members would be able to deliver, you can purchase our lesson plans so you can add this to your day-to-day at any time you like!

We are currently working with the following schools/nurseries on a weekly basis:
Kings St Albans
Himbleton Primary School
St Clements Primary School
Fledglings Nursery School

A few nurseries and schools that we have previously worked with either on a weekly basis or a one-off workshop/sports enrichment:
St Joseph's Primary
Lyppard Nursery
Kings Hawford
Powick Pre School
Perry Wood Primary
Hanley Swan Pre School
Bredon Hancock's
Little Growbags
St Nicholas Primary School

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