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If dance is your thing... fitsteps is for you!! Latin and ballroom fitness which is choreographed by none other than the Strictly Come Dancing professionals. The music is a complete mix of currently top 40 songs to Frank Sinatra! You will learn rumbas, jives, quicksteps, Paso’, salsas, sambas, waltz’, tangos, and American smooths. It’s a perfect way to get lots in music, fill your soul with fire and burn plenty of calories all at the same time. 


Warrior is an all female Bootcamp which is completely different each week. Each workout will have you sweating, your hearts racing but your faces will still be smiling! It doesn’t matter what level fitness you are, YOU’RE WELCOME to workout with us. Super friendly, light hearted banter and plenty of exercises to get your sweat on and feel the burn! 


Yoga at Keep up The Movement; together we breathe, we rebalance and we move with our bodies. A variety of different flows which focus on different areas of our bodies. You will feel the energy flow through your bodies and your minds will feel completely relaxed. This session is also good for beginners! 


Coming soon.

Are you ready .. TO SWEAT 💦  A full body, crazy workout synced to amazing motivational music? If so, this is the class you have been looking for. A 45 minute wild workout which will leave you feeling energised all day. A combination of movements to music which hit every part of the body without even realising it. THIS IS NOT DANCE. Zumba in the title is deceiving however, the music will make you feel like you have just left a party. STOP counting the reps and START training to the beat! Strong Nation combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric training moves. 

Who’s with me? 



6pm Fitsteps




9.30am Fitsteps

10:45am Strong by Zumba

6:15pm Strong by Zumba


6pm Bootcamp


9:30am Fitsteps

6pm Dance Fit


9am Yoga





Block bookings: 

10 classes = £45pp

5 classes = £23pp

1 class = £5.50pp


Each class must be paid for in advance, ideally online payment however we do accept cash payments on the day. 


If you book onto a class and do not give 24 hours notice before cancellation, unfortunately you will still be charged for your session. We do this to make it fair to those on the waiting list and this gives them enough time to be able to book your space and attend their favourite class! 

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