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Dance Programme

Worcester & Malvern

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What are the classes all about?

Worcester Dance Club

These sessions are divided into two age groups learning different content.


Our main goal in our sessions is to provide adventure, creativity and exploration. The sessions consist of: learning steps and sequences, working on hand-eye co-ordination, increasing gross motor development, enhancing musicality, learning right and left & discipline.


For the younger category, we pick an adventurous theme to learn about each lesson and provide the children with suitable exercises that correlate to both the theme and learning objectives. We use a variety of props and music which in combination helps to keep the children engaged and active and thinking they’re ‘in play’.


For the older category It is a dance and movement class so we use lots of different resources to drive the children’s creativity such as: props, learning cards, dice, letter blocks, adventure plans and music etc. The children have a set of exercises which touch base on a mixture of dance styles so they gain a wide range of skills, which in turn helps them to enhance their mental development as well as physical activity and gross motor development.


All children are rewarded for their hard work with a sticker, which goes on their chart they are currently working on.


Venue: St Johns Youth & Community Centre


Day: Saturdays

Age: 2-7

Diddy Monkeys 9:00 - 9:45am
Dancing Monkeys 10:00 - 11:00am

We run 44 weeks of the year.

See the club membership page for exact dates. 

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