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Here at Monkeys in Motion, we are wanting to provide the best classes for your children to help enhance their skills and knowledge as a young person. All our staff members have a passion and brilliant understanding of the sporting industry, and love to sharing their knowledge with the younger generation.

What our packages provide:

Our Weekly Classes

In our lesson plans we provide a number of different exercises and tasks whilst taking the children on a creative and imaginative journey. Whether they're in a younger group or an older group, they are always challenged according to their ability. We heavily rely on resources for all of our sessions as we believe children respond much better to learning through play. We create tasks for the children that use props/music/learning cards, which helps them expand their knowledge and explore avenues of their mind they possibly wouldn't if we just instruct. These lessons are designed to work on a weekly basis so the children can develop physical and mentally without too much impact.

Holiday Clubs & Workshops

Our holiday clubs and workshops can range from Musical Theatre Shows to Kids Films to Adventure retreats.

A typical one/two day workshop would include:

- A welcome and games introduction to get to know each other

- Two active sessions involving dance, movement and song

- One crafts sessions with things to take home with them

- An end session all together where they take part in physical activities and games

- A snack and lunch break

- A goodie bag to take home 

If the children were taking part in a week long project, as well as the above activities they would:

- Work towards a play, learning dance and song 

- All have a character to embody and lines to learn (if they'd like to)

- Costumes performance on the last day in a theatre environment to perform to an audience


We feel it is very important in these workshops to include as much variety as we can: singing, dancing, gym, acting, music, crafts, games, etc. This keeps they active and engagement, and most of all, having lots of fun!


We have two party packages available on our website, but also can work upon request to make your child's special day the best it can be.

We also have additional packages to book such as: Face painter, henna or glitter tattoos, make overs.

At a child's party the biggest, most important factor is that all the children feel included and have fun, whilst lots of attention is given to the birthday boy or girl. As you will read on our parties page, we like to adapt our plans to suite the needs of the individual party. We have some plans that include party games and another package that is more dance based.

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