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With an experienced background in the dance & performing industry, movement has always been such a huge part of Sophie's life. In 2016, Sophie launched her children's Activities Company; Monkeys in Motion, for children up to 11 years in Dance, Theatre & Yoga. When Sophie was on maternity leave with her little boy, Alf, she decided to further her training and study her 100hr Pregnancy Yoga certification as an addition to her current offerings. Sophie trained with the prestigious 'LushTums' and became a fully qualified prenatal yoga specialist in 2021. In 2022, Sophie decided to expand her knowledge from Kids Yoga to Baby Yoga too, so trained with 'To Baby & Beyond' to complete her Baby Yoga certification. Sophie is now thrilled to be teaching Pregnancy & Baby Yoga across Worcester & Malvern alongside her other children's classes.


"I hadn't ever done yoga before this so I was quite nervous but when I turned up I felt instantly relaxed and welcomed. Sophie is a friendly and knowledgable person who not only leads Pregnancy Yoga but listens to questions and queries about pregnancy itself. The sessions were great. I found that the bigger my bump got, the more relief I felt from the classes. There were lots of exercise to help 'make space', stretching out aches and breathing techniques which I used regularly when I was at home and the entire way through my labour. In one session during the end meditation, I was that relaxed that I accidentally fell asleep!"

- Becca H


"I was induced at 37 weeks as there was fear my placenta was failing. I had a very long early labour before getting to 5-6cm dilated and then having my waters artificially broken to spur my body into the more active stages of birth. During that week of early labour, I had intermittent contractions so used lots of breathing exercises taught in class which were so helpful (and I also used them later during the active stages of labour too). I did lots of circular exercises and calming techniques which kept me relatively level headed throughout that week. The 1 minute waves Sophie referred to and we practiced in class really helped me prepare mentally. Thank you so much!"

- Charlotte R

"I can't tell you how much the breathing techniques and the layout of the class helped in labour. Having that rest between contractions being on all forms and using spirals. Neil especially liked 'loose lips loose vagina', which had us laughing until the going got a bit tougher. Thank you!"

- Charlotte L 


"Highly recommend Sophie/Monkeys & Mamas pregnancy yoga classes. When I became very poorly and needed an emergency C-Section at 33+5 weeks the yoga movements, breathing techniques, affirmations and meditation became vital to staying calm and being able to keep sending oxytocin to our baby. Without the skills Sophie taught and a hypnobirthing course we completed, I'm not sure this would have been possible!"

- Alex C

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